Screen capture for any element from a website page. Put annotations, opinions, foreign sensitive details, as well as give one-click uploads.


Get any element from a website page. Put annotations, views, foreign sensitive details, as well as give one-click uploads. With free personal computer capture!

Magnificent Screenshot will be the best-positioned monitor capture & graphic annotation device with Opera auction web sites 3, 000, 000 users! As a way associated with to thank your own basic, many of us are no longer gives in-app purchases. Before quality attributes are absolutely free.
The particular go delinquent selection to save a photo is now storing the style with awesome screenshot along with insufficient time limit.
Look at your the brand new Magnificent awesome screenshot to see your brand new graphic internet hosting, spreading as well as point precise opinions features. It truly is the best way to talk with your images!

Awesome Screenshots & Screen Capture
Awesome Screenshots & Screen Capture


1. Get or attach chosen place, or almost all visible portion, or full page
2. Can handle PNG format
3 Can handle horizontally scrolling whenever catching
4. Computer’s desktop monitor capture

5. You can easily blur the image.

Awesome Screenshots&Screen Capture Google Addon

Annotate & Edit:

1. Annotate almost any graphic along with rectangles, sectors, arrows, traces as well as text
2. Harvest, search & show plant place dimensions
3. Cloud specified pieces to cover up sensitive information
4. Clone the screenshot as well as stick it to Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Can handle Windows as well as Linux

Save & Share:

1. Preserve to neighborhood har
2. One-click to include to as well as get you a shareable link
3. Assist for Bing Get (Gdrive)
4. Preserve huge images, avoid the 2M limit. You can forget crashes
5. Interact with point-specific opinions concerning colleagues and friends via the brand new awesome screenshot.

Awesome Screenshots&Screen Capture Google AddonAwesome Screenshots&Screen Capture Google Addon
[Updated comfort policy] Practice of the Magnificent Screenshot technique extension calls for approving it permission to capture anonymized simply click steady stream data. You need to examine your precise EULA as well as comfort coverage to get more details. You’ll be able to disable it from the selection website should you favor never to talk about the data.


If you uncover great screenshot icon inside your technique, you should re-enable it below Firefox://extensions/.

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