Several people think the original handset renowned due to the recognition and sturdiness. More than 126 million were made before phased out in 2005.

The renewed version bought below licence by the Finnish start-up HMD Worldwide, which also unveiled several Nokia-branded Android smartphones.

One expert claimed it absolutely was a “amazing way” to relaunch Nokia’s telephone brand.

“The 3310 was the very first mass-market cellular and there’s a huge quantity of nostalgia and love because of it,” stated Benjamin Timber from the technology consultancy CCS Insight.

“If HMD had just reported three Android units they’d have barely got a couple of column inches in the press.

“So, the 3310 is really a really brilliant shift and we assume it will provide in significant volumes.”

The statement was made ahead of the start of the Mobile World Congress technology show in Barcelona. LG, Huawei and Lenovo are amongst others to have unveiled new devices.


The brand new 3310 qualifies as a “feature phone” rather than smartphone as it only offers limited internet facilities.

It relies on 2.5G connection – that has slower data transfer rates than 3G or 4G technology – and is powered on the S30+ operating system, which allows web searching but features a significantly smaller selection of apps than Android or iOS. It has single camera which is limited to 2 megapixels.

Good Functions and Qualities ?

However, its benefits such as better  battery life. HMD claims the colour-screened telephone has up to month’s standby time and produces significantly more than 22 hours of talk time.

Additionally it includes the modern and latest version of the classical & common Snake game preinstalled.

Their introdion price is €49 ($51,75; £41.51).



Revamped Nokia 3310 unveiled at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.


Nokia 3310