Yandex’s central goal is to help individuals find new open doors in their lives.

Web index today

Customarily, the assignment of any web index was to discover data on the web. Yet, now that part has extended. The web can never again be viewed as independent from the truth encompassing us, and web indexes now need to search for a wide range of things, not simply on the web but rather everywhere throughout the disconnected world too. Furthermore, they don’t simply search for things and discover them – they additionally give accommodating recommendations in any genuine circumstance. Contemporary hunt comprehends the cravings of each individual client, and additionally the truth in which the client exists. That is the reason it can give appropriate proposals for every individual, independently – including what to peruse, where to go for a supper, what music to tune in to, how to return home in the quickest conceivable route, where to book the least expensive flights, and considerably more.

Look dependably was and still remains Yandex’s center item, however now we have a more extensive comprehension of its part: that of a widespread guide, an associate, a manual for everything that encompasses us. It’s about giving the correct recommendation at the opportune place and time, help settling on a decision, and the likelihood to complete things.

The satisfaction of the client

The majority of Yandex’s items are intended to improve individuals’ lives less demanding and. Each helps clients to accomplish something that once appeared to be incomprehensible. A couple of years back we couldn’t envision perusing a in a new dialect without looking into each word in a lexicon, or having the address of the closest drug store readily available anyplace in a city, or getting a taxi without waiting. Presently, this is totally ordinary – every one of these accomplishments have turned out to be straightforward undertakings that we underestimate.

That is the thing that Yandex does – it makes administrations for individuals. Administrations with both, a profound comprehension of the client’s advantages and significant learning of the clients’ world. Administrations that change life as we probably am aware it and help individuals accomplish their objectives.

The idea of the ‘joy of the client’ is pivotal for us. In addition to other things it implies that how valuable and easy to use an item is matters more than how much cash we can make from it. In the event that an item or administration that we make is preferred by individuals, its plan of action will take after. Given that the client’s advantages are additionally considered.

Our work depends on a mechanical approach and measurable confirmation of every single significant change to our items or administrations. Any change must be unbiasedly defended to help us comprehend whether it is truly valuable for clients.

World-class innovation

Yandex is a mechanical organization. Our items and administrations depend on mind boggling, one of a kind innovations that aren’t effectively recreated. That is the thing that empowers us to do things that once would’ve seemed like enchantment.

For all intents and purposes the greater part of Yandex’s administrations utilize machine learning – incorporating into the positioning of indexed lists, serving on the web notices, and performing interpretations. In 2009 Yandex created and executed its own machine learning technique – MatrixNet.

On account of discourse acknowledgment innovation, clients can discuss verbally with the Yandex.Navigator road route application as opposed to writing in locations physically. The clients of our Yandex.Mail administration can rapidly discover certain messages in their records –, for example, tickets, arrangement or meeting warnings, data about rebates – all naturally set apart by our reality extraction innovation. We utilize our own particular PC vision techniques to discover comparative pictures. In 2011, we propelled an administration for factual machine interpretation – one of just three of this kind that at present exist on the planet.

Our innovations and administrations keep running on a huge number of servers. We have Russia’s biggest system for information stockpiling and preparing. We impart our information preparing abilities to our accomplices working in, in addition to other things, atomic research and geographical investigation.



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Yandex Internet Browser Free Download

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