zpaq will be a totally free and open up resource incremental, keeping a diary command-line archiver to get Windows, Linux system and Apple computer OS/X. Incremental ensures that after you back increase hard disk drive,

Then only those files whose last-modified date or size has changed since the previous backup are added. For 100 GB of files, this typically takes about a minute, vs. an hour to create the first version. Journaling means that the archive is append-only. When you add files or directories to the archive, both the old and new versions are saved. You can recover old versions by specifying the date or version number.

zpaq will be Fastest and compresses better than almost every other preferred archivers and burn programs, for realistic copies which may have loads of identical data and much of by now condensed files.

ZPAQ Archiver and compression library Free Download
ZPAQ Archiver and compression library Free Download


Any zpaq organize might comprise at most of the 4 billion data and at most of the 250 terabytes of data immediately after deduplication and before compression.

zpaq is for user-level backups. Don’t use it to be able to back on the os or almost any computer software that will need any security password to be able to install. zpaq will save regular data and websites, last-modified days (to closest second), and (optionally) Windows capabilities or Linux system permissions. No adhere to or help save representational backlinks or junctions. The idea unknowingly practices tough links. No help save owner or class IDs, ACLs, expanded capabilities, this computer system registry, or particular report forms like gadgets, sockets, or named pipes.

Open standard specification

This zpaq database data format is explained an exact requirements along with reference point decoder (above). This data format seriously isn’t encumbered by way of every patents or perhaps pending patents in different region so far as I actually know. I have deliberately revealed all of recent variants (below) to establish before skill to ensure simply no patents is usually filed.


Accurate documentation is kept up to date merely by way of appending adjustments in order to it. You are able to throw back the database to an previous point out by employing the -until approach to indicate the starting time and date or perhaps edition selection wherever to end reading.

When changing, -until will probably truncate the database when this occurs in advance of appending. Considering supported a number of data files anyone decided not to necessarily mean in order to, then you could truncate a final replace along with replicate:

Incremental update and restore

Records usually are additional merely if the date has changed considering that the continue update. You need to use the -force approach to outrank, but in such cases the report will probably be deduplicated but not ended up saving unless the material include seriously changed. That is slow in comparison with researching appointments but faster in comparison with compressing the idea again.

Removal is not going to clobber pre-existing data files until you provide the -force approach to enable overwrite. In this instance, the report to be overwritten is in comparison with the located hashes but not decompressed unless the shape or perhaps material is different.

ZPAQ Archiver and compression library Free Download
ZPAQ Archiver and compression library Free Download


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